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1 on 1 Ranching Resume Building

Here at our main objective is to connect qualified candidates with employment in the ranching and farming communities.

Often, individuals may have the necessary experience and skills to obtain their desired employment, but lack the technical knowledge of resume building.

If you are struggling to gain employment, internships, or opportunities within the industry- book an appointment with us for 1 on 1 resume building.

  • Resume Building
  • Crafting A Cover Letter
  • Conveying Your skills
  • Explaining Your Previous Experience
  • Properly Listing Abilities and Strong Suits
  • Cleaning Up Unimportant Information
  • Maximizing the 1-2 Page Resume Rule
  • How to Highlight Your Strongest Assets
  • How to Appeal to Specific Jobs or Maintain a Broader Approach

Don’t let your resume hold you back from getting the job you want!

Our 1 on 1 coaching is done over Zoom or Google Meets and includes screen sharing and open dialogue.

How to Book

To book: All you have to do is email [email protected] for an appointment. We will be in touch and set a date to turn your resume from trash to treasure.

Rate is $79 for up to 1 and a half hours of personal coaching.

Testimate from RJUSA Coach

“I have been hiring for Ranches and Farms for years and I find a consistent pattern amongst applicants- their resumes suck. Resumes are usually the first knock on the door when applying for a position. Many young men and women have years of experience and are immensely qualified for the position but their resume is significantly lacking. Often, I find that they just need some polishing and correct verbiage when conveying their skills and traits.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how qualified a candidate is if their resume and/or cover letter is poorly written and structured. The worst thing to see, as a hiring manager for a ranch, is a 4 page resume that is scattered and unorganized that has two pages of High School achievements. I really enjoy helping individuals clean up their resumes and essentially get the opportunity to see what a ranch/ farm is looking for.”

Email us today for your 1 on 1 Resume Builder Course and Learn How to Put Your Best Foot Forward When Applying to Jobs!