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Experienced Ranch Hand Seeking Work in/near Arizona

Experienced Worker Seeking Seasonal Employment

Seeking Job TypeRanch Hand
Preferred LocationIn or Near Arizona
SalaryOpen to Discussion
Housing NeededMaybe
Experience Level1+ Year

About Me- Tatum Newell

I’m an experienced ranch hand seeking opportunities in or near AZ. I have experience in caring for horses and have hands-on experience with milking dairy cows. My background also includes being a cook for hunting/guide services, adept at preparing meals for groups ranging from 1 to 30+ people.

I’m open to various types of work and am available for short-term engagements lasting up to 6 months at a time. Whether you need assistance with livestock, meal preparation, or general ranch duties, I’m eager to discuss how my skills can contribute to your operation. Drop me a message, and let’s see how I can assist you!

***Text preferred.
*No job too odd for me ,I’m happy to help.
**I don’t receive voicemails.


Depending on Location: Potential need for housing

Email[email protected]
Job TypeRanch Hand
LocationIn/ Near Arizona
Housing NeededMaybe
Experience 1+ Year
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